Welcome to Art of Noize


Art of Noize* is a multi-purpose artist studio in the Petworth area of Washington, DC

Opened in 2017, Art of Noize gives artists a place to showcase their talents in an intimate setting.

Art of Noize host events, to include our signature “Music & Manicure” event, that offers a variety of artistic media and performance disciplines in a “living room” setting, each reflecting one of our three pillars: art, film and music.

Visit, watch, learn, discuss, collaborate, welcome to Art of Noize.


*Art of Noize
1. Art: The first word in our name.
2. Of: “Of” stands for film—the bridge—between “Art” and “Noize.” Film links the arts and people.
3. Music: The “Noize” in our name. Music, spoken word, acting, these are all forms of noise.